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Contagious infection with human B19 Parvovirus most commonly seen in school age children and characterized by fever,headache,and rashes of the face,trunk,and extremities. It is often confused with rubella. n : an acute eruptive disease esp. of children that is caused by a parvovirus and is first manifested by a blotchy maculopapular rash on the cheeks which gradually spreads to the extremities and that is usu. accompanied by fever and malaise —called also fifth disease


  1. In humans the P antigen ( also known as globoside ) is the cellular receptor for parvovirus B19 virus that causes Erythema infectiosum ( fifth disease ) in children.
  2. In 1798, Willan described the occupational disease psoriasis diffusa, which affects the hands and arms of bakers, and in 1799 first described the exanthematous rash of childhood known as erythema infectiosum.
  3. In humans, the P antigen ( also known as globoside ), one of the many cellular receptors that contribute to a person's blood type, is the cellular receptor for parvovirus B19 virus that causes erythema infectiosum ( fifth disease ) in children.
  4. Parvovirus B19 was the first pathogenic human parvovirus to be discovered and is best known for causing a childhood exanthem called " " fifth disease " " ( " erythema infectiosum " ), although it is also associated with other diseases including arthritis.
  5. It was better defined by Anton Tschamer in 1889 as a rubella variant ( " Ortliche Rotheln " ), identified as a distinct condition in 1896 by T . Escherich, and given the name " erythema infectiosum " in 1899 . The virus was first described in 1957 at the University of Pennsylvania by Werner, Brachman et al.

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