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Pronunciation:   "erg" in a sentence
Noun: erg  erg
  1. A cgs unit of work or energy; the work done by a force of one dyne acting over a distance of one centimetre

Derived forms: ergs

Type of: energy unit, heat unit, work unit

Part of: J, joule, watt second

Encyclopedia: Erg

n : a cgs unit of work equal to the work done by a force of one dyne acting through a distance of one centimeter and equivalent to 10 7joule
abbr electroretinogram
  • erg-nine:    , ergˈ-tenˈ, etc n ...
  • erg-ten:    , ergˈ-tenˈ, etc n ...


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  1. copy right : sanmen erg technology co ., ltd technical.
  2. application of erg in estate sales
  3. ergs electronic route guidance system
  4. flash electroretinography, f-erg
  5. application of multifocal erg in early detection of diabetic retinopathy

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