epidemic acute poliomyelitis meaning

  • [Medicine]
    An acute infectious disease of humans,particularly children,caused by any of three serotypes of human poliovirus (POLIOVIRUS). Usually the infection is limited to the gastrointestinal tract and nasopharynx,and is often asymptomatic. The central nervous system,primarily the spinal cord,may be affected,leading to rapidly progressive paralysis,coarse FASCICULATION and hyporeflexia. Motor neurons are primarily affected. Encephalitis may also occur. The virus replicates in the nervous system,and may cause significant neuronal loss,most notably in the spinal cord. A rare related condition,nonpoliovirus poliomyelitis,may result from infections with nonpoliovirus enteroviruses. (From Adams et al.,Principles of Neurology,6th ed,pp764-5)

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