entailment meaning

Pronunciation:   "entailment" in a sentence
Noun: entailment
  1. Something that is inferred (deduced or entailed or implied)
    - deduction, implication

Derived forms: entailments

See also: entail

Type of: illation, inference

Encyclopedia: Entailment


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  1. entailment is the converse of the relation of logical consequence.
  2. 35 ian horrocks, peter f patel-schneider . reducing owl entailment to description logic satisfiability . in proc
  3. the incorporation of ontology and rdf forms the knowledge base . that can support some limited inference according to rdf entailment rules
  4. In practice, entailment may be checked with an incomplete method.
  5. A simple test to differentiate presupposition from entailment is negation.

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