endospore meaning

Pronunciation:   "endospore" in a sentence
Noun: endospore  'endu`spor
  1. A small asexual spore that develops inside the cell of some bacteria and algae

Derived forms: endospores

Type of: spore

Encyclopedia: Endospore

n : an asexual spore developed within the cell esp. in bacteria


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  1. this pulmonary infection is due to coccidioidomycosis, as evidenced by the two large spherules filled with endospores
  2. note how the spherule at the left is bursting to expel its endospores, which grow and continue the infection
  3. The cortex is what makes the endospore so resistant to temperature.
  4. Small acid-soluble proteins ( SASPs ) are found in endospores.
  5. The dipicolinic acid helps stabilize the proteins and DNA in the endospore.

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