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Cytoplasmic vesicles formed when COATED VESICLES shed their CLATHRIN coat. Endosomes internalize macromolecules bound by receptors on the cell surface. n : a conspicuous body other than a chromatin granule that occurs within the nuclear membrane of a vesicular protozoan nucleus and is either a karyosome or a nucleolus


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  1. This fuses with a late endosome containing the endocytosed, degraded proteins.
  2. It is a component of the endosome-associated transcriptional control activity.
  3. At first, autophagosomes fuse with endosomes or endosome-derived vesicles.
  4. The FYVE domain has been connected to vacuolar protein sorting and endosome function.
  5. Early acidification of the endosome is thought to release components from the virus core.

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