endosmosis meaning

Pronunciation:   "endosmosis" in a sentence
  Osmosis inwards, ie towards the solution (also enˈdosmose /-mōs/)

n pl -mo·ses : passage (as of a surface-active substance) through a membrane from a region of lower to a region of higher concentration —compare EXOSMOSISend·os·mot·ic adj — end·os·mot·i·cal·ly adv


  1. This gradient of water potential causes endosmosis.
  2. The endosmosis of water continues till the water potential both in the root and soil becomes equal.
  3. Phosphates from bird faeces ( guano ) are mainly concentrated in the beach rocks by the way of exchange-endosmosis.
  4. If solute concentration is high and water potential is low in the root cells, water can enter from soil to root cells through endosmosis.

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