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  • Noun: elf cup
    1. Apothecium of a fungus of the family Pezizaceae

    Derived forms: elf cups

    Type of: apothecium

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  • cup:    Noun: cup &nb ...
  • elf-arrow:     or elfˈ-bolt noun ...


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  1. The ELF Cup, organised by the Northern Cyprus.
  2. The team achieved fourth place at the 2006 ELF Cup in Northern Cyprus.
  3. In 2006, Kyrgyzstan took part in the inaugural ELF Cup in Northern Cyprus.
  4. The 2006 ELF Cup took place in the North Cyprus between November 19 and 25.
  5. Some NF-Board members have accepted invitations to take part in the ELF Cup.

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