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Noun: elevator girl  'elu`veytur gurl
  1. A girl employed to operate an elevator

Derived forms: elevator girls

Type of: elevator operator

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  1. With the elevator girls, you don't see a person but a doll ."
  2. She recently rose to fame as the " Elevator Girl " after a video of her entertaining mall guests in the elevator went viral across local and global social media.
  3. In addition, this " cosplay "-themed video had Kanazawa wearing the costumes of a nurse, an elevator girl, and a policewoman in a miniskirt.
  4. Jack Lemmon plays a man who helps his philandering boss ( Fred MacMurray ) hide an affair with the elevator girl ( Shirley MacLaine ) _ then falls for her himself . ( MGM ) _ AB
  5. The moral dilemma Baxter faces is what to do when he discovers that his boss, Sheldrake ( Fred MacMurray ), is having an affair with the elevator girl, Kubelik, whom he, Baxter, loves?

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