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    An archetypal dumb embedded-systems application, like toaster (which superseded it). During one period (1983--84) in the deliberations of ANSI X3J11 (the C standardisation committee) this was the canonical example of a really stupid, memory-limited computation environment. "You can't require "printf(3)" to be part of the default run-time library - what if you're targeting an elevator controller?" Elevator controllers became important rhetorical weapons on both sides of several holy wars.


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  1. :You could imagine something like an elevator controller using this kind of circuit.
  2. Many kinds of real-life embedded systems, from elevator controllers to industrial robots, may be modelled using Mindstorms.
  3. Typical interconnected systems to the Fire Alarm Control Panel include HVAC, Building Automation Controllers, Security / Access Control or Elevator Controllers.
  4. The elevator controller may decide that no maintenance has been done in 100 years and lower all the cars to the ground floor as it would in a fire.
  5. The idea of destination control was originally conceived by Leo Port from Sydney in 1961, but at that time elevator controllers were implemented in relays and were unable to optimize the performance of destination control allocations.

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