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  • [Electronics]
    1. In a periodic waveform, the length of time corresponding to 1?360 of the time for completion of one cycle.
    2. In space, that distance representing 1?
    360 of the wavelength in the medium through which electromagnetic energy travels.


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  1. The 365-foot emergency antenna is 145 . 5 electrical degrees with an efficiency of about 343 mV / m / kW at 1 km.
  2. There are some customers in downtown areas who get 120 / 208 volt service, since they actually are provided with 2 phases 120 electrical degrees apart.
  3. Typical parameters determining synchronization are : voltage difference less than 5 %, frequency difference less than 0 . 2 Hz, and maximum phase angle between the sources of 5 electrical degrees.
  4. Instead larger universal motors often have " compensation windings " in series with the motor, or sometimes inductively coupled, and placed at ninety electrical degrees to the main field axis.
  5. A split-phase motor has a secondary startup winding that is 90 electrical degrees to the main winding, always centered directly between the poles of the main winding, and connected to the main winding by a set of electrical contacts.

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