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Noun: electric motor
  1. A motor that converts electricity to mechanical work

Derived forms: electric motors

Type of: motor

Part of: blower, drum sander, electric clock, electric drill, electric fan, electric hammer, electric locomotive, electric mixer, electric refrigerator, electric sander, electric toothbrush, electric typewriter, fridge, sander, self-starter, smoother, trackless trolley [N. Amer], trolley coach [N. Amer], trolleybus [Brit]

Encyclopedia: Electric motor

A machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical work. The familiar form is a machine in which an armature rotates between the poles of a field magnet, mechanical energy being produced at the armature’s revolving shaft.


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  1. an electric motor turns electrical energy into mechanical energy.
  2. the cylinder is caused to rotate by means of a small electric motor.
  3. an electric motor was driven between two limits by electrical signals from the programme.
  4. dental handpieces-dental low-voltage electric motors
  5. electric motor driven blood pump for cardiopulmonary bypass

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