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  1. "' Benshaw "'is a company that specializes in solid state reduced voltage electric motor controls, motor protection and variable frequency drives.
  2. Drapes can optionally be automated with sensor-based electric motor controls that are aware of room occupancy, daylight, interior temperature, and time of day.
  3. In cars with electronic throttle control ( also known as " drive-by-wire " ), an electric motor controls the throttle linkages and the accelerator pedal connects not to the throttle body, but to a sensor, which sends the pedal position to the Engine Control Unit ( ECU ).
  4. In the C64 the extra I / O pins of the processor were used to control the computer's memory map by bank switching, and in the C64 also for controlling three of the four signal lines of the Datassette tape recorder ( the electric motor control, key-press sensing and write data lines; the read data line went to another I / O chip ).
  5. The most relevant inventions of the company until 2000 were the oxygen sensor ( 1976 ), the first electric antilocking system ( 1978 ), the electric motor control ( 1979 ), the traction control system ( 1986 ), the xenon light for cars ( 1991 ), the electronic stability control ( 1995 ), the common rail direct fuel injection ( 1997 ), and the direct fuel injection ( 2000 ).

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