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[ i'fiʃənsi ] Pronunciation:   "efficiency" in a sentence
Noun: efficiency  i'fishunsee
  1. The ratio of the output to the input of any system 
  2. Skilfulness in avoiding wasted time and effort
    "she did the work with great efficiency"

Derived forms: efficiencies

See also: efficient

Type of: ratio, skilfulness [Brit, Cdn], skillfulness [N. Amer]

Antonym: inefficiency

Encyclopedia: Efficiency Efficiency, plant



1 [U]

the ability to do sth well with no waste of time or money:

improvements in efficiency at the factory

I was impressed by the speed and efficiency with which my order was processed.

The increase in profits was mainly due to efficiency gains.

improving energy efficiency (= wasting as little energy as possible) in transport and industry

We combined the two departments to boost efficiency and save costs.

The company announced 800 job losses as part of a €1.2 billion efficiency drive.

❖ to achieve/boost/improve/increase/maximize efficiency

◆ efficiency gains/savings an efficiency drive/programme

2 efficiencies [pl.]

ways of wasting less time and money or of saving time and money:

We are looking at our business to see where efficiencies can be made.

Savings will come from greater efficiencies in processing orders and marketing.

3 (Technical ) [U]

the relationship between the amount of energy that goes into a machine or an engine, and the amount that it produces:

The generator is running at only 40% efficiency.

Getting any given results with the smallest possible inputs, or getting the maximum possible output from given resources. Efficiency in consumption means allocating goods between consumers so that it would not be possible by any reallocation to make some people better off without making anybody else worse off. Efficiency in production means allocating the available resources between industries so that it would not be possible to produce more of some goods without producing less of any others. Efficiency in the choice of the set of goods to produce means choosing this set so that it would not be possible to change it so as to make some consumers better off without others becoming worse off. Efficiency is also referred to as Pareto-optimality.

See also:

technical efficiency, and X-efficiency

1. The ratio of useful power or energy output to total power or energy input to a device or system.
2. The proportion of applied audio-frequency (AF) power that a loudspeaker converts into acoustic energy.

The degree and speed with which a market accurately incorporates information into prices.


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  1. her utmost efficiency is but teaching.
  2. he was typing with speed and efficiency.
  3. this medicine will have immediate efficiency.
  4. a multistage operation improves the thermal efficiency.
  5. they could move up to a new level of efficiency.

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