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Noun: economic mobilization
  1. Mobilization of the economy
    - economic mobilisation [Brit]

Derived forms: economic mobilizations

Type of: mobilisation [Brit], mobilization

Encyclopedia: Economic mobilization


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  1. Typically, the available resources and productive capabilities of each nation determined the degree and intensity of economic mobilization.
  2. After serving as instructor at the Toyama Army Infantry School from 1933 1934, Tanabe served as Chief of the Economic Mobilization Section in the Ministry of War.
  3. The economic mobilization of Kenya during the war led to an unprecedented level of urbanization in the country, swelling the population of Mombasa and Nairobi by as much as 50 %.
  4. Nagata was responsible for planning Japan's national mobilization strategy as Chief of Mobilization Section, Economic Mobilization Bureau, Ministry of War, to put both the military and the civilian economy on a total war footing in times of national emergency.
  5. What was best for the army in the short term was not necessarily best for the long-term health of the economy & Extreme economic mobilization encouraged grandiose political and territorial demands, ruling out opportunities for a compromise peace, which Hindenburg and Ludendorff rejected anyway.

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