ease meaning

[ i:z ] Pronunciation:   "ease" in a sentence
Verb: ease  eez
  1. Move gently or carefully
    "He eased himself into the chair" 
  2. Lessen pain or discomfort; alleviate
    "ease the pain in your legs"
    - comfort 
  3. Make easier
    - facilitate, alleviate 
  4. Lessen the intensity of or calm
    "The news eased my conscience"
    - still, allay, relieve
Noun: ease  eez
  1. Freedom from difficulty or hardship or effort
    "he rose through the ranks with apparent ease"; "they put it into containers for ease of transportation"
    - easiness, simplicity, simpleness 
  2. A freedom from financial difficulty that promotes a comfortable state
    "a life of luxury and ease"
    - comfort 
  3. The condition of being comfortable or relieved (especially after being relieved of distress)
    "getting it off his conscience gave him some ease"
    - relief 
  4. Freedom from constraint or embarrassment
    "I am never at ease with strangers"
    - informality 
  5. Freedom from activity (work or strain or responsibility)
    - rest, repose, relaxation

Derived forms: eases, eased, easing

See also: ease up, easement, easing, easy

Type of: affluence, aid, alleviate, assist, assuage, comfort, comfortableness, console, go, help, inactivity, locomote, move, naturalness, palliate, quality, relieve, richness, solace, soothe, travel

Antonym: difficulty

Encyclopedia: Ease

[American slang]
1. Lit. to continue moving out of something, slowly and carefully.
  I was able to ease on out of the parking space, but only with difficulty.
  I looked both ways and eased on out.
2. Fig. to leave something, such as an office or position, quietly and without much embarrassment.
  The bum finally eased on out of office without much public notice.
  He eased out while the press was concerned with some other crisis.


A curve at the lower end of a handrail, where it meets the newel post that supports the handrail.

verb [+ obj or no obj]


to become or to make sth less unpleasant, severe, etc:

They have started importing fuel to ease the shortage.

He believes the pressure on the economy is easing.

The government is easing restrictions on foreign investment.


to become or make sth lower in value or level:

Share prices eased back from yesterday's levels.

The shares eased 10¢ to $27.70.

There are signs that inflation is easing.


if a central bank eases, or eases interest rates, the rates become slightly lower:

There is a strong chance the Fed will ease rates by a quarter point.

Potential house buyers must assume the central bank will ease.

easing // noun [U,C]:

an easing of the tax rules

We can expect to see an easing in inflation.

an easing bias/policy

The chairman of the European Central Bank has hinted at an easing.


ease off; ease off sth

to start to become lower in value or level:

There is evidence that consumer spending may be easing off.

The gold price eased off its peak.

ease up


to do sth in a more reasonable and less extreme way:

Directors were urged to ease up on pay (= not take such large pay rises).

You seem very tired-you should ease up a bit (= not work so hard).


to become less strong, unpleasant, etc:

The rate at which budgets are being cut is easing up.

vb eased; eas·ing vt
1 : to free from something that pains, disquiets, or burdens ‹eased and comforted the sick›
2 : to take away or lessen : ALLEVIATE ‹took an aspirin to ease the pain›
¦ vi : to give freedom or relief (as from pain or discomfort) ‹a hot bath often eases and relaxes›


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  1. on april 5 the doldrums eased.
  2. ease down, there is a sharp bend ahead.
  3. he eased out, closing the door quickly.
  4. he could trample on them with ease.
  5. she looked as ill at ease as the major.

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