earthly meaning

[ 'ə:θli ] Pronunciation:   "earthly" in a sentence
Adjective: earthly (earthlier,earthliest)  urthlee
  1. Of or belonging to or characteristic of this earth as distinguished from heaven
    "earthly beings"; "believed that our earthly life is all that matters"; "earthly love"; "our earthly home"

Derived forms: earthlier, earthliest

See also: Earth, earthborn, earthbound, earthlike, mortal, mundane, profane, secular, sublunar, sublunary, temporal, terrene, terrestrial, worldly

Antonym: heavenly


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  1. we are bankrupt of earthly treasures.
  2. you have reached the apex of earthly honour.
  3. i haven't an earthly thing with me.
  4. he had earthly consolation and affections.
  5. what earthly purpose can it serve?

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