dysentery meaning

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  • Noun: dysentery  'disun`teree [N. Amer], disunt(u)ree [Brit]
    1. An infection of the intestines marked by severe diarrhoea

    Derived forms: dysenteries

    Type of: infectious disease

    Encyclopedia: Dysentery Dysentery, amebic Dysentery, bacillary

  • [Medicine]
    Acute inflammation of the intestine asssociated with infectious DIARRHEA of various etiologies,generally acquired by eating contaminated food containing TOXINS derived from BACTERIA,PROTOZOA,or other microorganisms. Dysentery is characterized initially by watery FECES then by bloody mucoid stools. It is often associated with ABDOMINAL PAIN; FEVER; and DEHYDRATION. n pl -ter·ies
    1 : a disease characterized by severe diarrhea with passage of mucus and blood and usu. caused by infection
    2 : DIARRHEA


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  1. people suffering from dysentery must avoid raw, cold or greasy food.
  2. pigs acutely affected with swine dysentery should be medicated via the water.
  3. bacterial dysentery epidemic in songgang, shenzhen
  4. public urged to guard against bacillary dysentery
  5. .. . dysentery broke out on the ship . i was not there

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