dynamize meaning

Pronunciation:   "dynamize" in a sentence
  • Verb: dynamize
    1. Make more dynamic
      "She was dynamized by her desire to go to grad school"
      - dynamise [Brit] 
    2. Make (a drug) effective
      "dynamized medicine"
      - dynamise [Brit]

    Derived forms: dynamized, dynamizes, dynamizing

    Type of: alter, change, modify


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  1. new internship programmes might also dynamize the system
  2. Robbins widened it, and Samuelson dynamized it.
  3. Ubayd Allah ibn al-Habhab immediately set about dynamizing his fiscal resources by ordering new raids.
  4. But modifying properties of Miller theorem exist even when these requirements are violated and this arrangement can be generalized further by dynamizing the impedance and the coefficient.
  5. Surprisingly, those functions seem to have little impact on dynamizing efficient target mRNA translation, as it is an efficient Poly ( A ) Polymerase which helps developing polyadenylation activity.

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