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duck out informal to avoid doing something that you do not want to do, but have to do or have promised to do:
I'm not trying to duck out, but I do think someone else could do this job.
Parents who do not discipline their children are ducking out of their responsibilities.
"I've got a meeting at 2 o'clock." "Can you possibly duck out of it and meet me? I've got a horrendous problem."
SIMILAR TO: get out of

[American slang]
Fig. to evade something; to escape doing something.
  Are you trying to duck out of your responsibility?
  Fred tried to duck out of going to the dance.


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  1. he snatched the ducks out of her apron.
  2. let us duck out of here.
  3. pushing herb in, she held the door handle to make sure he did not duck out again.
  4. And I suddenly found myself like a duck out of water.
  5. I used to have chickens and ducks out in the field.

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