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Unassigned species,in the family PICORNAVIRIDAE,causing high mortality in ducklings 3 days to 3 weeks old.


  1. culture of the attenuated a66 strain of duck hepatitis virus in chicken embryo fibroblast
  2. These include Marek s Disease, Duck Hepatitis Virus, Chicken Anemia Virus, Turkeypox, Fowlpox and others.
  3. Although Protein X is normally absent in the Avihepadnavirus, a vestigial version has been identified in the duck hepatitis virus genome.
  4. The pathology and pathogenicity between " duck hepatitis virus " type 1 and type 1a is, in essence, the same as one another.
  5. Causing acute and fatal disease in ducklings, " "'duck hepatitis virus " "', DHV-1, is a " Picornavirus " that is distributed all over the world having significant impact on the poultry industry.

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