drill in meaning

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  • Verb: drill in
    1. Teach by drills and repetition
      - hammer in, ram down, beat in

    Derived forms: drilled in, drilling in, drills in

    Type of: drill

  • [American slang]
    to bore into or penetrate something.
      The worker drilled into the wall in three places.
      Please don't drill into the wall here, where it will show.


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  1. the soldiers were at drill in the barrack yard.
  2. the soldiers were at drill in the barrack-yard.
  3. pay attention to the drills in the english vowel sounds.
  4. he felt the sudden kick of the drill in his hand as the power was turned on.
  5. if it is necessary to drill helper holes, never drill in the neighbourhood of the cartridge.

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