draughty meaning

Pronunciation:   "draughty" in a sentence
  • Adjective: draughty (draughtier,draughtiest)  drãftee
    Usage: Brit, Cdn (=drafty)
    1. Not airtight
      - drafty [N. Amer]

    Derived forms: draughtier, draughtiest

    See also: draught [Brit, Cdn], leaky

  • [Medicine]
    chiefly Brit var of DRAFT, DRAFTY
    or chiefly Brit draught n
    1 : a portion (as of medicine) poured out or mixed for drinking : DOSE
    2 : a current of air in a closed-in space — drafty or chiefly Brit draughty adj


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  1. we were sitting in a draughty position near the door
  2. it is too noisy ( hot, cold draughty)
  3. it's terribly draughty in here
  4. it gets very draughty when you open that window . but you can open the back window
  5. They were cold, damp and draughty ( and that was in the summer ).

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