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  • [Architecture]

    A pen especially designed for use in mechanical drawing. See drawing pen.

    drafting pen

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  1. Stewart argues " this evidence places the drafting pen in the hands of those three men ".
  2. Despite his great success as an entertainer, Fonandern never put away the drafting pen for good.
  3. Technical pen tips are often used, many of which can be renewed using parts and supplies for manual drafting pens.
  4. A high quality drafting pen will usually have a ceramic tip, since this wears well and does not broaden when pressure is applied while writing.
  5. You can sit in the rugged, gray and green sunken garden that he built at his home in Brookline, or stand over the desk in his office, which looks as if he had just gotten up, leaving a park plan unrolled on the top, along with his drafting pens and an ink-blotted cloth.

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