double time meaning

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Noun: double time  dúbul tIm
  1. A fast marching pace (180 steps/min) or slow jog 
  2. A doubled wage (for working overtime)
Adverb: double time  dúbul tIm
  1. At a faster speed
    - double quick

Type of: earnings, gait, pace, pay, remuneration, salary, wage

noun [U]

(HR )

twice sb's normal pay, that they earn for working at times which are not normal working hours:

We are paid time and a half for extra hours on weekdays and double time for public holidays.



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  1. for more general application the double time lag model should be used.
  2. everybody up on l . t . now . double time
  3. if you pay me double time, i'll do it
  4. sleeplessness ( “ i've aged double time in the last seven years
  5. double time . let's go . hustle

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