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Simultaneous communication of conflicting messages in which the response to either message evokes rejection or disapproval. (APA,Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms,8th ed.)


  1. Double bind theory was first described by Gregory Bateson and his colleagues in the 1950s.
  2. One of the results of this research was the development of the double bind theory of schizophrenia.
  3. For example, Gregory Bateson's double bind theory of schizophrenia focuses on environmental rather than medical causes.
  4. Bateson's double bind theory was never followed up by research into whether family systems imposing systematic double binds might be a cause of schizophrenia.
  5. The current understanding of schizophrenia takes into account a complex interaction of genetic, neurological as well as emotional stressors, including family interaction and it has been argued that if the double bind theory overturns findings suggesting a genetic basis for schizophrenia then more comprehensive psychological and experimental studies are needed, with different family types and across various family contexts.

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