dorsal meaning

Pronunciation:   "dorsal" in a sentence
Adjective: dorsal  dorsul
  1. Belonging to or on or near the back or upper surface of an animal or organ or part
    "the dorsal fin is the vertical fin on the back of a fish and certain marine mammals" 
  2. Facing away from the axis of an organ or organism
    - abaxial

See also: dorsally, dorsum

Antonym: ventral

Encyclopedia: Dorsal


Same as canopy.

a : being or located near, on, or toward the upper surface of an animal (as a quadruped) opposite the lower or ventral surface
b : being or located near, on, or toward the back or posterior part of the human body
2 chiefly Brit : THORACICdor·sal·ly adv
n : a dorsally located part; esp : a thoracic vertebra


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  1. the heart is dorsal and is provided with paired ostia.
  2. there are usually no dorsal pores in the first few intersegmental grooves.
  3. only the dorsal lip of the blastopore could induce altered development in the host.
  4. the shark's dorsal fin was cut off by the fisherman
  5. no details from the dorsal view are evident

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