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Noun: Doppler  dóplu(r)
  1. Austrian physicist famous for his discovery of the Doppler effect (1803-1853)
    - Christian Johann Doppler

Type of: physicist

Encyclopedia: Doppler

adj : of, relating to, or utilizing a shift in frequency in accordance with the Doppler effect Doppler Christian Johann (1803-1853) Austrian physicist and mathematician. Doppler first described the Doppler effect in 1842. It is used in astronomical measurements and in radar and modern navigation. He also investigated the colors in double stars and the effect of rotation of objects on the properties of light and sound waves.


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  1. the doppler frequency is a function of the two scattering directions.
  2. the doppler frequency can be obtained as a heterodyne or beat effect.
  3. this is found by observing the doppler shift in the frequency of the radio signals broadcast from the satellite.
  4. moreover, since the atoms are in random thermal motion the frequency spectrum will be altered by the doppler effect.
  5. doppler compensation method based on m-sequence signal

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