donee meaning

Pronunciation:   "donee" in a sentence
  • Noun: donee  dow'nee
    1. The recipient of funds or other benefits
      - beneficiary

    Derived forms: donees

    Type of: receiver, recipient

    Encyclopedia: Donee

  • [Law]
    Recipient of a gift, trust or will bequest; one who is given a power. He to whom a gift is made, or a bequest given; one who is invested with a power to select an appointee, he is sometimes called an appointer.

  • [Medicine]
    n : a recipient of biological material (as blood or a graft)


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  1. a survey of embryo transfer donee parturition
  2. upon revocation of the gift, the person with the revocation right may claim restitution of the gift property from the donee
  3. where the donor is deceased or incapacitated due to the donee's illegal act, his heir or legal agent may revoke the gift
  4. The most common donee beneficiary contract is a life insurance policy.
  5. He did not in fact deliver the deed to the donee.

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