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Noun: domestic sheep
  1. Any of various breeds raised for wool or edible meat or skin
    - Ovis aries

Type of: jumbuck [Austral], sheep

Part of: genus Ovis, Ovis

Encyclopedia: Domestic sheep

A species of sheep,Ovis aries,descended from Near Eastern wild forms,especially mouflon.


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  1. Bechukotai-Jubilee-Gerah-Cattle-Domestic sheep-Tithe
  2. Carmi-Covetousness-Cattle-Donkey-Domestic sheep-Stoning
  3. Barbados Blackbelly sheep will breed all year round unlike most domestic sheep.
  4. Drought, the presence of domestic sheep, whatever, the transplants dispersed.
  5. Unregulated hunting took its toll, as did diseases spread by domestic sheep.

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