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[ dəu'mein ] Pronunciation:   "domain" in a sentence
Noun: domain  dow'meyn [N. Amer], du'meyn [Brit]
  1. A particular environment or walk of life
    - sphere, area, orbit, field, arena 
  2. Territory over which rule or control is exercised
    "his domain extended into Europe"
    - demesne, land 
  3. (mathematics) the set of values of the independent variable for which a function is defined
    - domain of a function 
  4. People in general; especially a distinctive group of people with some shared interest
    - world 
  5. The content of a particular field of knowledge
    - knowledge domain, knowledge base

Derived forms: domains

Type of: class, cognitive content, content, environment, mental object, region, set, social class, socio-economic class, stratum

Part of: country, land, state

Encyclopedia: Domain Domain, Manitoba

AmE / noun [C]


1 (IT )

a set of Internet addresses that end with the same group of letters:

.com is the most popular domain on the Internet, with over 21 million names.

You will need to register a domain name (= an individual Internet address).


an area of knowledge or activity, especially one that sb is responsible for:

a collection of documents relating to the domain of banking

Sometimes things outside your domain go wrong.

With prices starting at €30 000, a new Jaguar car may no longer be the exclusive domain of company directors .

1. A region of unidirectional magnetization in a magnetic material.
2. A region of unidirectional polarization in a ferroelectric material.
3. A region in which a variable is confined.

It signifies sometimes, dominion, territory governed -sometimes, possession, estate - and sometimes, land about the mansion house of a lord. By domain is also understood the right to dispose at our pleasure of what belongs to us.

A distinction has been made between property and domain. The former is said to be that quality which is conceived to be in the thing itself, considered as belonging to such or such person, exclusively of all others. By the latter is understood that right which the owner has of disposing of the thing. Hence domain and property are said to be correlative terms; the one is the active right to dispose, the other a passive quality which follows the thing and places it at the disposition of the owner.

n : any of the three-dimensional subunits of a protein that together make up its tertiary structure, that are formed by folding its linear peptide chain, and that are variously considered to be the basic units of protein structure, function, and evolution ‹immunoglobulin light chains have two domains and heavy chains have four or five domains, depending on class —Jour. Amer. Med. Assoc.


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  1. the particle is displaced in a flow domain.
  2. the interval oc is known as the domain of dependence.
  3. we enter the domain of the pine trees.
  4. d is called the domain and its elements are places.
  5. geography is not within my domain.

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