doctoress meaning

  "doctoress" in a sentence
  • or docˈtress noun (facetious)
    1. A female doctor
    2. A doctor's wife


  1. During his time in the West Indies, Cornwallis came to own, then later free the " doctoress " Cubah Cornwallis.
  2. During his time of convalescence he was nursed by a black " doctoress " named Cubah Cornwallis, the mistress of a fellow captain, William Cornwallis.
  3. Then, in 1806, she reappears following the exit of her father-in-law to New Orleans as a doctoress living at 37 Murray St.
  4. :: In 1926, Henry Watson Fowler ( of A Dictionary of Modern English Usage fame ) recommended the use of teacheress, doctoress, singeress and danceress.
  5. This was in practice not that unusual : in the countryside, women practiced medicine in the role of cunning folk, such as Hanna Svensdotter ( 1798 1864 ), who was widely reputed as " The Doctoress in Wram " and who was reputed for her treatment of especially leg injuries " far outside of Scania ".

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