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  • [Chemical engineering]
    "Refining process to sweeten (reduce the odor) of gasoline, solvents, and kerosine, sodium plumbite and sulfur convert the odoriferous mercaptans into disulfides."


  1. He also stated that praying for a person could help them respond more quickly and effectively to the doctors treatment.
  2. Even at Valley Ranch, the screw-up in Philadelphia received the spin-doctor treatment of the league being equal.
  3. Over the last few months, the trade group introduced industry guidelines that set coverage rules for mastectomies and emergency care and that discourage HMOs from interfering with doctor treatment recommendations.
  4. Earlier this month, the administration showed its resolve on the issue by warning health plans they would be violating the law if they interfere with doctor treatment recommendations to patients covered by federal Medicare health insurance for the elderly.

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