do a runner meaning

  "do a runner" in a sentence
  To run away, esp to leave a shop, restaurant, etc quickly, without paying

[British slang]
Phrs. Meaning the same as 'do a bunk', but often implying a departure without paying for a received service.


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  1. People are saying they are going to do a runner, but I do not think they are.
  2. "I used to do a runner's conditioning program that was really rigorous, " he says.
  3. They released an album entitled " Do a Runner " on A & M Records, to mixed reviews.
  4. But when she spotted some priceless porcelain and tried to do a runner to France with it, Rodney caught her and she was forced to abandon her dreams.
  5. A suspicious Albert has already called in the police, and Marvin and Lyle attempt to do a runner from the front door with Lyle disguised as a woman.

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