dithery meaning

Pronunciation:   "dithery" in a sentence
Adjective: dithery
  1. Characterized by lack of decision and firmness
    - indecisive

See also: hesitant, hesitating, irresolute, on the fence, suspensive, undecided


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  1. They were ditzy, bluesy, blowsy, sarcastic, dithery, scheming.
  2. Lovable, dithery Clarence deserves a year off.
  3. But this commanding actress fails to project Desiree's dithery, disorganized side.
  4. Leading the list of inappropriate choices is Cloris Leachman as the dithery family matriarch, Dolly.
  5. Other toys joined the show, notably ruler King Dithers who was as dithery as his name suggested.

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