disposal meaning

[ dis'pəuzəl ] Pronunciation:   "disposal" in a sentence
Noun: disposal  di'spowzul
  1. The power to use something or someone
    "used all the resources at his disposal" 
  2. A method of tending to or managing the affairs of a some group of people (especially the group's business affairs)
    - administration 
  3. The act or means of getting rid of something
    - disposition 
  4. A device installed under a kitchen sink to grind and liquefy food waste so that it can go down the drain
    - electric pig [US], garbage disposal [N. Amer], garbage disposal unit [N. Amer], waste disposal unit [Brit], garburator [Cdn]

Derived forms: disposals

See also: dispose

Type of: act, deed, direction, human action, human activity, kitchen appliance, management, power, powerfulness

AmE / noun

1 [C,U]

the sale of part of a business, property, etc:

the disposal of the company's chemical services division

The disposal is expected to raise around $50 m.

The sale is part of an asset disposal to shore up the company's finances.

Proceeds from the disposal will contribute to the group's cash reserves.

the disposal of non-core assets/businesses

2 [U]

the act of getting rid of sth that you do not want or cannot keep:

Disposal of industrial waste is a serious problem.

waste disposal


at sb's disposal

available for sb to use:

Larger companies have larger resources at their disposal.


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  1. he declared himself entirely at her disposal.
  2. i am not going to at the disposal of a fool.
  3. you have all these things at your disposal.
  4. the disposal of the third grade spells difficulty.
  5. don't forget that we have a disposal problem.

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