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An airfield, military or civil, to which aircraft might move before H-hour on either a temporary duty or permanent change of station basis and be able to conduct operations.
See also airfield.


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  1. RAF Methwold opened as a dispersal airfield for RAF Feltwell in the Winter of 1938.
  2. The division's dispersal airfields included Ugolny Airport near Anadyr, Magadan airport, and Tiksi.
  3. Described as a ghost airfield, its probable use was either as a diversion or dispersal airfield for Soviet bombers.
  4. Secondarily, it served as a Royal Air Force V bomber dispersal airfield, more recently used for military weapons training.
  5. From 1958 Lyneham became one of the 18 Stations designated as dispersal airfields for the RAF's nuclear deterrent V bomber Force.

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