dismemberment meaning

Pronunciation:   "dismemberment" in a sentence
Noun: dismemberment  `dis'memburmunt
  1. The removal of limbs; being cut to pieces
    - taking apart

Derived forms: dismemberments

See also: dismember

Type of: mutilation, torture, torturing

Encyclopedia: Dismemberment


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  1. at a few places, inclusions can be seen to be derived by dismemberment of partings.
  2. tomorrow morning we've got dismemberment there is also one for the afternoon
  3. we will pay the insured a lump sum payment in the event of a death, burns or dismemberment as a result of an accident
  4. because of the disagreement about each other, the suggestion for dismemberment was given up when germany surrendered
  5. the first operation of alchemy therefore addressed itself to the dismemberment of this confining structure and reducing it to a condition of creative chaos

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