dismantle meaning

Pronunciation:   "dismantle" in a sentence
Verb: dismantle  dis'mantl
  1. Tear down so as to make flat with the ground
    - level, raze, rase, tear down, take down, pull down 
  2. Take apart into its constituent pieces
    - disassemble, take apart, break up, break apart 
  3. Take off or remove
    - strip

Derived forms: dismantled, dismantling, dismantles

See also: dismantlement

Type of: destroy, destruct, remove, spifflicate, spiflicate, take, take away, withdraw


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  1. we went to the dismantled company office.
  2. the wind dismantled the trees of their leaves ..
  3. when he raced three of the cars, then dismantled.
  4. after the exhibition closed the bridge was dismantled.
  5. they dismantled the machine and shipped it in pieces.

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