disc harrow meaning

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  • Noun: disc harrow
    1. A harrow with a series of disks set on edge at an angle
      - disk harrow

    Derived forms: disc harrows

    Type of: harrow

  • harrow:    Verb: harrow  ...
  • disc:    Noun: disc &n ...
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  1. Q : What did the disc harrow say to the tractor?
  2. Lighter secondary disc harrows are primarily used to break down soil clods into smaller pieces.
  3. A few farm implements, like a disc harrow, plow, and trailers were made.
  4. The marker is usually a single disc harrow disc on a rod on each side of the planter.
  5. Disc harrows incorporate remaining residue into the top soil, promoting rapid the decay of the dead plant material.

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