disadvantageously meaning

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  • Adverb: disadvantageously
    1. In a disadvantageous way; to someone's disadvantage
      "angry that the case was settled disadvantageously for them"
      - badly

    See also: disadvantageous

    Antonym: advantageously


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  1. she had always compared france disadvantageously with england
  2. is cleaning the face time, the turndown collar design also provided has been convenient, exemptshas put on the pullover disadvantageously place
  3. With the Cascade Range to the north and the Green River to the south, Weston was disadvantageously located for future expansion.
  4. It was an ambitious and complex Act, seeking ( as I understand ) to prevent disabled people being treated disadvantageously because of their disability.
  5. In order to ensure that the bottlers did not charge disadvantageously high margins, Coca-Cola began an aggressive marketing campaign to associate their product with the five-cent price tag.

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