direction meaning

[ di'rekʃən, dai'rekʃən ] Pronunciation:   "direction" in a sentence
Noun: direction  di'rekshun or [N. Amer], dI'rekshun [Brit]
  1. A line leading to a place or point
    "he looked the other direction"

Derived forms: directions

See also: directional, incoming, omnidirectional, outgoing

Type of: absorption, bid, bidding, command, concentration, content, control, dictation, disposition, engrossment, immersion, inclination, itinerary, message, path, position, route, social control, spatial relation, subject matter, substance, tendency

Encyclopedia: Direction Direction, position, or indication sign Direction, position or indication sign

In artillery and naval gunfire support, a term used by a spotter and/or observer in a call for fire to indicate the bearing of the spotting line.
See also bearing; call for fire; naval gunfire support; spotter; spotting line.
(JP 2-0)

[Oil and gas]
See azimuth. Direction of vertical projection of the wellbore onto a horizontal plane.


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  1. spies are hovering about in every direction.
  2. he feels the need for firm direction.
  3. ambient noise may come from any direction.
  4. the tangent may be used to find the direction.
  5. we are making changes in various directions.

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