direction of attack meaning

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A specific direction or route that the main attack or center of mass of the unit will follow.
The unit is restricted, required to attack as indicated, and is not normally allowed to bypass the enemy.
The direction of attack is used primarily in counterattacks or to ensure that supporting attacks make maximal contribution to the main attack.


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  1. The army changed its direction of attack on November 24.
  2. This positioning reflected the Naval General Staff's prediction of the most likely direction of attack by torpedo boats.
  3. Hawkwood met the Florentine forces with three skirmishes to assess the strength of the defence and determine the direction of attack.
  4. The wall thicknesses only average about 90 centimetres and the main direction of attack was not reinforced or protected by flanking towers.
  5. For instance, boundaries are both restrictive and permissive; corridors are restrictive, while routes, axis, and directions of attack are neither.

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