determinative meaning

Pronunciation:   "determinative" in a sentence
Adjective: determinative  di'turmu`neytiv [N. Amer], di'turminutiv [Brit]
  1. Having the power or quality of deciding
    "the determinative (or determinant) battle"
    - deciding, determinant, determining
Noun: determinative  di'turmu`neytiv [N. Amer], di'turminutiv [Brit]
  1. One of a limited class of noun modifiers that determine the referents of noun phrases
    - determiner 
  2. A determining or causal element or factor
    - determinant, determiner, determining factor, causal factor

Derived forms: determinatives

See also: decisive

Type of: closed-class word, cognitive factor, function word

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  1. they embark on a romantic journey of self-discovery and become the determinative fighters in life ..
  2. popularization, with its unique logics, is the determinative force of newspapers " social roles
  3. the self-determinative teaching mode of consolidating lessons and exercise lessons are introduced by new lesson teaching mode
  4. (5 ) multi-objective model is established for determinative measure programming . polytope algorithm is adopted to solve such model
  5. the determinative principle to carrier's liability is the most attractive content in carrier's liability system in carriage of goods by sea

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