deprival meaning

Pronunciation:   "deprival" in a sentence
or deprivāˈtion /dep-ri- or dē-prī-/ noun
1. The act of depriving
2. The state of being deprived
3. Degradation from office (archaic)
4. Loss
5. Bereavement (archaic)


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  1. on perfection of punishment of deprival of political rights
  2. These court cases resulted in the deprival of parental rights and their children were sent to boarding schools.
  3. The deprival value of an asset is the extent to which the entity is " better off " because it holds the asset.
  4. Despite his opposition to James II's Catholic policies, he refused the oaths to William and Mary and suffered deprival in 1691.
  5. In the years following the Revolution he wrote a series of tracts questioning the legitimacy of the new monarchs and the deprival of the Non-juror bishops.

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