densitometer meaning

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  • Noun: densitometer  `densi'tómitu(r)
    1. A measuring instrument for determining optical or photographic density 
    2. A measuring instrument for determining density or specific gravity
      - densimeter

    Derived forms: densitometers

    Type of: measuring device, measuring instrument, measuring system

    Encyclopedia: Densitometer

  • [Electronics]
    An instrument for measuring the density of a body.

  • [Engineering]
    "An instrument which measures optical density by measuring the intensity of transmitted or reflected light, used to measure photographic density."

  • [Medicine]
    2 : an instrument for determining optical or photographic density — den·si·to·met·ric adj — den·si·tom·e·try n pl -tries


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  1. mass flow information can be secured by using a densitometer.
  2. the zero point of the density scale is defined by having no specimen in the densitometer.
  3. after processing, the sensitometrically exposed step wedge is read on a densitometer and the data is plotted.
  4. the results from the pollen densitometers indicate the number of pollen grains sucked into a device per square millimeter of the aperture.
  5. the setup densitometer lamp must be replaced

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