demise meaning

Pronunciation:   "demise" in a sentence
  • Noun: demise  di'mIz
    1. The time when something ends
      - death, dying
    Verb: demise  di'mIz
    1. Transfer by a lease or by a will

    Derived forms: demised, demises, demising

    Type of: end, ending, transfer

    Part of: life, lifespan, lifetime, life-time

    Encyclopedia: Demise

  • [Law]
    (in land law) 1. vb. To grant a lease.
    2. n. The lease itself.


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  1. they contribute to the plant's own demise.
  2. all this is not to antedate the demise of the empire.
  3. september 15 may stand as the date of its demise.
  4. demise of the crown formerly caused a dissolution of parliament.
  5. the roots of his demise lay much earlier in the golitsin-nossenko feud.

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