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  • [Oil and gas]
    DEMINEX GmbH (Deutsche Erdölversorgungsgesellschaft mbH) of Essen, Germany. Active in Argentina, Egypt, Norway, Russia, Syria, UK. Split in 1998.


  1. Germany's Deminex, a unit of Veba AG, was also given a 10 percent stake Tuesday.
  2. Interfax also said Germany's Deminex is likely to get a 10 percent stake in the project, although no deal has been struck.
  3. Germany's Preussag AG reported first-quarter sales and earnings Wednesday at the upper end of market expectations, boosted by the sale of its minority holding in oil-discovery business Deminex.
  4. Preussag declined to give put a figure on proceeds from the Deminex sale, but a company spokeswoman said it had generated " well over 100 million euros " _ or more than in the area of dlrs 93 million _ most of which was booked in the first quarter.

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