demineralization meaning

Pronunciation:   "demineralization" in a sentence
  • Noun: demineralization
    1. Abnormal loss of mineral salts (especially from bone)
      - demineralisation [Brit] 
    2. The removal of minerals and mineral salts from a liquid (especially from water)
      - demineralisation [Brit]

    Derived forms: demineralizations

    See also: demineralize

    Type of: chemical action, chemical change, chemical process, pathology

    Part of: osteomalacia

  • [Chemical engineering]
    Removal of mineral constituents from water.

  • [Medicine]
    also Brit de·min·er·al·isa·tion n
    1 : loss of minerals (as salts of calcium) from the body esp. in disease
    2 : the process of removing mineral matter or salts (as from water) — de·min·er·al·ize also Brit de·min·er·al·ise vt -ized also Brit -ised; -iz·ing also Brit -is·ing


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  1. complete demineralization is achieved by ion exchange.
  2. the dialysis principle can be used for demineralization of brackish water.
  3. this modest amount of sodium bicarbonate prevents the potassium depletion and demineralization of bone.
  4. code for design of indutrial water softening and demineralization
  5. there are two methods of demineralization

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