delete meaning

[ di' li:t ] Pronunciation:   "delete" in a sentence
Verb: delete  di'leet
  1. Remove or make invisible
    "Please delete my name from your list"
    - cancel 
  2. Wipe out digitally or magnetically recorded information
    - erase 
  3. Cut or eliminate
    - edit, blue-pencil
Noun: delete  di'leet
  1. (computing) key on a computer keyboard for deleting text or other objects that are selected or at the current cursor position
    - delete key

Derived forms: deletes, deleted, deleting

See also: deletion

Type of: censor, remove, take, take away, take out, withdraw

Encyclopedia: Delete

verb, noun

verb [+ obj]


to remove sth that has been written or printed, or that has been stored on a computer:

Your name has been deleted from the list.

I accidentally deleted your email.

Delete the word 'it' and insert 'them'.



to stop making or selling a particular product, especially a CD, video, etc:

The recording has been deleted in the UK, but is still available in the US.

deletion // noun [C,U]:

We publish a monthly list of additions and deletions to the products in this catalogue.

the deletion of incorrect data

noun [U] (also delete key [C]) (abbr Del)

a button on a computer keyboard that you press to remove text or images:

Select the text and hit delete.

1. To erase or blank out a signal.
2. The elimination from a computer file of a record or record group.
3. To remove a computer program from memory or storage.

1. <operating system> (Or "erase") To make a file inaccessible.

Usually this operation only deletes information from the tables the file system uses to locate named files; the file's contents still exist on disk and can sometimes be recovered by scanning the whole disk for strings which are known to have been in the file. Files created subsequently on the same disk are quite likely to reuse the same blocks and thus overwrite the deleted file's data permanently.

2. <character> The control character with ASCII code 127. Usually entering this character from the keyboard deletes the last character typed from the input buffer. Sadly there is great confusion between operating systems and keyboard manufacturers as to whether this function should be assigned to the delete or backspace key/character.

The choice of code 127 (binary 1111111) is not arbitrary but dates back to the use of paper tape for input. The delete key rewound the tape by one character and punched out all seven holes, thus obliterating whatever character was there before. The tape reading software ignored any delete characters in the input.


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  1. his name was deleted from the list.
  2. what results when the largest part is deleted?
  3. several words have been deleted from the report ...
  4. hundreds of words were deleted from my own dispatches.
  5. the shipper always asks the opening bank to delete this stipulation.

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